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Carefully Consider Your Moves Accurately

As being Christians, one of the most amazing things offered to everyone would be the Holy Spirit Himself. The Bible tells us that it is the job of the Holy Spirit to assist direct us as well as teach us while we go through this life. Checkout our homepage here.

There are a number of ways that the Holy Spirit makes use of to be able to help lead us within this life. One of the ways is off of two verses I can offer you.

Often all you've got to do will be to very carefully assess each of the items you've got on your chessboard to find out if God likes you to shift in a specific way or not. There is an incredibly catchy phrase within the first passage I am going to present you with below. This catchy short phrase would be to carefully consider your actions.

What this implies is to stop and thoroughly analyze and study exactly what your choices are, together with exactly what the effects to your steps will be. Occasionally simply using simple, logical, ordinary sound judgment will say precisely what God would like one to do in a particular case.

The second passage I'll present you with will add one more thing to all of this - which is to take your time when having to come up with a huge verdict on something. This verse will tell you that should you be overly rash with your selection, you could be led into poverty.

How many individuals over time have ignored this simple, common, godly tip and made judgements too fast and later on found out that they had created the wrong decision.

Listed here are two great verses from our Bible providing us these true words of wisdom from the Lord:

1. The simple believes every word, but the prudent man considers well his steps. (Proverbs 14:15)

2. The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty. (Proverbs 21:5)

Keep in mind, take your time each time you have to come up with a major decision on something. Thoroughly assess what your alternatives are gonna be as well as exactly what the consequences will be with each of these options. Here's a related story about this article.

Often just looking at the implications of each one of those choices will tell you in which direction God want you to have.

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